Full Background

Ethiopian Women’s Federation /EWF/ is established in 2008 with the aim to enable women in Ethiopia  to  ensure  their  advantages  and  civic  rights  in  a  well-organized,  self-driven  and voluntarily oriented  commitments  across  the  entire  regional  states  and city  administrations  of the Country.

It is a plain truth that the human and democratic rights of women are stated in Article 35 of the FDRE Constitution. Hence the EWF has been exerting unreserved efforts in the past decade based on this confirmatory legislative framework, and recorded visible achievements that can be itemized  in  terms  of  their  economic,  social  and  political  benefits.  The  Federation  has  been working strongly in the organization of its constituents to facilitate its efforts in addressing the needs  of  women.  Accordingly  EWF  could  reach  more  than  9  million  women  constituted  in Kebele, Woreda, Zone, and regional and national arrangements.